A new look for the Beer Junction

Talk about a neighborhood that was starving for a beer store? West Seattle embraced The Beer Junction enthusiastically from the day it opened. That’s a bit of an understatement. Located in the Alaska Junction business district (a.k.a. downtown West Seattle), The Beer Junction enjoys a steady stream of shoppers. The Thursday tasting events are usually very well attended, to say the least. In short, it’s a great bottle shop.

Since opening last summer, Morgan Herzog, the owner/operator of The Beer Junction in West Seattle has done an admirable job of building his inventory and clientele. He has also been active on Facebook and sends out regular email newsletters to keep his many fans informed of what’s happening at the Beer Junction. However, his website was languishing. It wasn’t really all that bad, it’s just wasn’t really all that much of anything. As of today, that’s all changed. The Beer Junction is now sporting a lovely new website designed and deployed by yours truly. In addition to writing this blog, I also build affordable, easy-to-update websites. If I can help you, just let me know. ([email protected])

Check it out at www.thebeerjunction.com

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