A New Seattle Pub is Introducing a New Oregon Brewery

On this blog, and many others, the debate continues. Is Asheville, NC really deserving of the title Beer Town USA? I have never been there so I can’t really formulate an objective opinion. I will say this, it is very possible that anyone asserting that Asheville is Beer Town USA has not yet visited Bend, OR. The greater Bend area is home to at least nine breweries. Maybe more. I haven’t counted in a while. Having visited most of them, I can attest to their overall excellence.

Today we learn that one of Bend’s highly-decorated breweries is coming to Seattle. It’s been well over a year, but we thoroughly enjoyed our visit to 10 Barrel Brewing. Thursday (Feb 9), Urban Family Public House in Ballard will be the first Washington pub to serve the beers of 10 Barrel Brewing. Ballard’s newest beer destination will be pouring two different 10 Barrel beers: Oregon Brown Ale and Sinister Black Lager. The  fun starts at 4:00 p.m. The folks at Urban Family Pub tell us that this is the first beer from 10 Barrels to be poured north of the border. We’ll take them at their word.
Urban Family Public House
5329 Ballard Avenue Northwest
Seattle, WA


  1. We were just in Bend a couple weekends ago. Within a few mile radius there are 9 breweries – we visited all of them – and were told 4 more are in the works! 10 Barrel had many tasty concoctions, so you won’t go wrong by stopping in to taste what they bring.
    By the way, our favorite of the Bend breweries is Boneyard Brewing.

  2. We too visited 10 Barrel this past summer and were so impressed. We went a few times during our week stay and every time we went it was so busy. Had to wait a while – but it was well worth it every time. very excited to have their beers in WA now! I’ll be stopping in to Urban Family Public House to have their beers for sure.

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