A New Series of Beers From Diamond Knot, and the Return of an Old Favorite

If you’ve ever visited the Diamond Knot brewery and pub in Mukilteo, you might have noticed that there is a lighthouse nearby. The brewery just announced that it is releasing a new series of beers to honor the lighthouse keepers who keep the waters safe for marine traffic. For decades, lighthouses were not automated and had to be operated, full time, by dedicated “keepers.” The brewery will release limited quantities of these special brews.

Also, Diamond Knot is releasing this year’s batch of Slane’s Irish Red, which is always very popular. Below, find release notes for the Slane’s Irish Red as well as more information about the Keeper Series.

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing Introduces The Keeper Series, Releases Seasonal Favorite Slane’s in February

MUKILTEO, WA – Puget Sound maritime lore from the 20th Century is thick with shipping, fishing, cedar milling and early ferry traffic, not to mention rich native history and occasional recreation. The waters were sometimes dangerous and unpredictable. Operating bright beacons, our lighthouse keepers kept ships from running aground along the rugged shorelines.

The brew crew at Diamond Knot wanted to recognize the Mukilteo light station keepers who aided in navigation after the station’s opening back in 1906, and thus created The Keeper’s Series, a collection of big, bold, cellar-able ales hearty enough for any soul, but limited enough just for the lucky few who can get bottles from the less than 300 cases to be released.


The first release in the series is The Keeper’s Old Ale. Brewed using six different malts and barley; this beer has a lot of depth. It’s full-bodied and rich. Flavors of sweet plum, dark sugar, and raisin relax into a warm molasses finish. The character develops with time. We recommend storing Keeper’s bottles upright in a cool dry location with minimal light. Extended cellaring is also encouraged but not required for enjoyment.

The Series is bottled in 500ml Belgian-style bottles, complete with original artwork by Whidbey Island artist David Gignac, best known for his glass and metal sculptures and his edgy, dark drawings. The Old Ale finished with a 9.9% ABV and 45 IBUs.

“The Keeper’s Series will be a winner right out of the gate,” said Sherry Jennings, Diamond Knot’s Chief Storyteller. “Not only is the beer a beer that you can drink now or save for later, the artwork captures the heart of The Keeper. I think we all have an affinity for this character our crew is taking along on this new journey.”

The Keeper’s Old Ale will be released February 8 at specialty bottle shops, ale houses and larger beverage retailers.

Slane’s Irish-Style Red Ale Back for its 21st Season

With plenty of time to get into the spirit of St. Paddy’s day, Diamond Knot will release its early spring favorite: Slane’s Irish Style Red Ale, on February 1. In its 21st year, Slane’s gives a nod to DK’s co-founder’s granddad, who brewed for Pabst back in the day.


This ale has a sweet, caramel aroma with a very tiny hint of toasty smokiness, imparted by the chocolate malt. Loads of caramel malt give this beer a beautiful red hue. Munich malt and flaked barley make for a big, malty full-bodied middle which drops off into a dry, crisp finish.

Slane’s Irish-Style Red Ale rings in at 5.6% ABV and 30 IBUs, and is available on draught, as well as in 22oz. bottles. Wildly successful, production is increased every year, and every year Slane’s sells out, leaving the brewers anxious for the next Slane’s brew day in December.

For more information on Diamond Knot Craft Brewing’s beer, head to diamondknot.com/the-beer.

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