A new Washington beer festival coming to Bremerton

updated Feb. 11th, 2011

We heard rumblings about this some time ago: a beer festival in Bremerton. We heard the idea discussed at a Washington Beer Commission meeting a few months ago. We heard our friends over at Silver City Brewing talking about it when we visited the production brewery in Bremerton a few weeks ago. Apparently Kurt Larson, sales and marketing for Silver City Brewery, was one of the people who hatched the idea. Nothing official.

Today the Kitsap Sun is reporting that the Washington Beer Commission has selected Bremerton as the site for a Summer Beer Festival (read it). Not only will the event take place during the summer, it will spotlight Washington-brewed summer beers.

The event will take place in downtown Bremerton, just a stone’s throw from the ferry terminal, providing easy access for those of us who will need to travel across the pond. (Walking onto the ferry is so much cheaper than driving.) The word on the street is that the event will take place on Saturday, July 24th, but there’s still no official word on the date. We’re waiting for confirmation and will keep you posted.

Rest assured that we will report more about this event once the Washington Beer Commission makes an official announcement. We just wanted to share what we know thus far.

Don Spencer and Kurt Larson - Silver City Brewery in Bremerton

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  1. I realize that the Oregon Brewers Festival is in Oregon, but hopefully the WBC is smart enough to take into account that if they choose July 30th they will be competing with an already well established and well attended festival not far from us…

  2. Hey, that other festival moved its day from what it has been historically. No one wants to play “competing” festivals. It’s a tough just just planning a tasting around all the beer events locally. Give ’em a break will ya!

  3. I’ll just say this, missing a beer festival because you must attend another beer festival is not the worst fate in the world. On a July-August weekend around the NW, you could much more easily be doomed to miss a beer festival because of a wedding, a company picnic, or (God forbid) a family reunion.

  4. I think you might be missing my point…If the WBC wants their new festival to be a success in it’s first year (which I hope it will be) they might want to rule out the weekend of the OBF. Also, I believe that OBF has historically been the last full weekend in July.

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