A New Washington Brewery – Say Hello to M T Head Brewing

I heard a rumor from one of my fellow bloggers (Mike Besser – a.k.a. BrewDad) about a new brewery in Graham, WA. It’s pretty sick, actually, how excited I get about such things. Ya, I got a problem, I know. I’m like an fat old hound dog with too much nose and not enough dinner. I quickly fired up the Google and did a bit of fruitless investigating. I dug deeper, made a couple phone calls, and here’s the scoop. It’s true, there’s a new brewery in Graham. Hot damn!

M T Head Brewing Company opened on July 1st. They are pouring beer at the brewery, including growlers and kegs to go, but they are not distributing it yet. Hopefully they’ll be distributing (as much as they can handle) very soon. They’re operating a 2 barrel system, have a couple of fermenters and a couple of bright tanks.

Tim Rocky, the man behind M T Head Brewing, told me that they are still dialing everything in, but are producing three different ales at this time: a pale ale, a brown ale, and a “special” ale. He described the special ale as a variation of an Irish red.

Like most of his peers, Tim was a home brewer who is now making the next step up. He says that he’s turned to Mike Davis (Brewmaster at Harmon Brewing) for advice and guidance. Tim also expressed appreciation for the help he’s received from the folks at Larry’s Brewing Supply in Kent.

We hope to make it down there before too long to give you a more complete report. In the meantime, the brewery welcomes thirsty visitors Thursday thru Saturday, 3:00 – 7:00.

M T Head Brewing Co.
27307 159th Ave E
Graham, WA 98338