New this year: Local Craft Beer at the Bite

I’ve been going to the Bite of Seattle for so long that I remember when the Tom Douglas Alley was the John Hinterberger Alley. Through all these years it’s been a place to sample tastes of local restaurants, but when it came to the beer garden the main offerings were mass market swill. Which is particularly ironic – it was a Bite of Seattle but a sip of Milwaukee?

This year all that has changed: at the Bite you can enjoy good, local craft beers in the beer gardens. Odom Distributing is bringing in beer from across Western Washington. Even better, the proceeds from the beer gardens benefits FareStart, one of our favorite local non-profits.

The beer list: Diamond Knot IPA, Dick’s Brewery Hefeweizen, Emerald City Lager, Fremont Brewing Summer Ale, Harmon Brewery Amber Ale and Skagit River Brewing Del Rio Lager. In addition, the Bite is once again featuring a Washington wine tasting courtyard featuring over 40 local wines.

Cheers to the Bite and Odom for making the switch to Washington beers. Visit the beer gardens or wine tasting next weekend, July 20 -22 at Seattle Center. More info on the Comcast Bite of Seattle website.

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  1. Come on down and Taste some of the best craft beers made in the Seattle area. I will be there Friday all day. See you there! Cheers! Ps Bring an ID card, money of course and an extra driver to get you home safely!

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