New year, new beer – beer release news from Iron Horse Brewery

With the new year, Iron Horse Brewery decided to release a new beer. Also, a couple of old favorites. Here’s the release info from the brewery, provided with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, as is expected from Iron Horse.

Double Rainbow

The kegasus has been released. Now available through March in cans, bottles (pictured above) and draught.


Introducing Beer Wolf IPA

When you have an insatiable desire for a tasty ale; when you literally want to chew the top off a bottle of beer to get to the contents, that’s a Beer Wolf. This IPA is resinous, without the syrupy sweetness you might expect. A touch of grapefruit rounds out this big IPA. This beer replaces Iron Horse IPA in both branding and flavor. It will be available year round in draught and bottle.

Fomenter IPA

Because you are not the type to sit idly by, poking the bear, smashing the hornets’ nest, stirring the pot – these are all metaphors for that rebel inside you, waiting for key moments to cause a little mayhem for no good reason whatsoever, or maybe to incite change. To be a Fomenter, is to be active in your world; to drink a Fomenter┬áis to rattle your taste buds over and over. This IPA┬áis available January through March in bottles and limited draught.


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