News from Schooner Brewing involving a new beer and hard seltzer


First, the beer. Schooner Brewing (formerly Schooner Exact Brewing) just announced the release of its new Schooner Summer Ale, now on tap at the Schooner Beer Hall in Seattle (the same location you’ve always known in SoDo). The beer is described as a delicious golden ale that is light and refreshing, filtered clear, with almost no hop profile. “It’s great for relaxing on the patio or for outdoor activities in the sunshine! 5.2% ABV,” says the release notice.

And now the seltzer part of the story, the part of the story about which some of you don’t care. Not long ago I posted a story about Sound Craft Seltzer, a new venture for the folks that operate Two Beers Brewing and Seattle Cider Company. I took some heat for that since it’s not directly related to beer, which remains the focus of this blog, but the recent emergence of hard seltzer (aka spiked seltzer) is a reality. I do not claim that I like it, or that you should like it, but hard seltzer is at least tangentially related to beer and breweries, as I tried to explain in that previous story and as this story further demonstrates. 

Schooner Brewing has partnered with San Juan Seltzer, the area’s first hard seltzer producer. San Juan Seltzer is brewed at, and is available at, Schooner Brewing’s location in Seattle. If the market for hard seltzer continues to grow at the pace it has recently, it would not be surprising to learn of other breweries getting involved.

“We’re proud to be serving the first NW brewed Craft Spiked Seltzer at Schooner! In partnership with San Juan Seltzer we’re brewing & serving 4 flavors of locally crafted spiked seltzers for your drinking pleasure & it’s now on tap in the Beer Hall.”


“Each refreshing serving is all-natural, sugar-free, gluten free, with 4.2% ABV & made with fruit native to the Pacific Northwest, including: Huckleberry, Fuji Apple, Raspberry-Cran, & Pure.”

“It’s so light & crisp, we promise you will love it! It’s perfect for hot summer days or for your friends who don’t drink beer. For the month of June enjoy a ‘Rainbow Taster Tray’ of all 4 flavors for just $5 in honor of pride month!”