Next beer in the Bottleshop Collective series gets tapped on Sept. 15 – brewed by Chuckanut Brewery


The third beer in the Bottleshop Collective series gets tapped on September 15th at both Chuckanut Brewery locations (Bellingham and Burlington) and will also be available at the participating bottleshops. To learn more about the Bottleshop Collective Series, see our previous stories.

Chuckanut Brewery’s Old Fest is a traditional Marzen, the style of beer brewed in Germany for Oktoberfest. The Bottleshop Collective includes the following bottleshops: Beer Authority, Beer Junction, Bottleworks, Chucks Hop Shop(s), Edison City, Elizabeth Station, Malt and Vine, Pint Defiance, and Teku Tavern.

Not coincidentally, the date of the tapping coincides with the start of Oktoberfest in Munich. Roughly, anyway. (The mayor of Munich is scheduled to tap the first keg in the Schottenhamel tent on the 16th.)

According to Chuckanut Brewery this beer is different than their normal Fest Bier. It’s more of a Dortmunder style, like the ones served in Munich for Oktoberfest. They describe it as “maltier and richer in flavor, with an appetizing bitterness that serves to balance rather than challenge the malt underpinnings of this traditional lager. Toasty, malty sweetness and the firm bitterness makes this traditional old style Oktoberfest bier very appetizing! With a 6% ABV it’s deceptively smooth and easy to drink.”


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