Nickerson Street Fundraiser with Manny

nickerson_street_saloonHey Georgetown Brewing fans. We got a message from Manny that we’d like to pass along because drinking beer for a worthy cause is always a good idea.

“Please join me at the Nickerson St. Saloon on Thursday, Jan. 22 for a benefit to support Solid Ground and their efforts to end homelessness and hunger. Times may be tight, but we should all be thankful for having a roof over our heads and food and drink on the table. Come and do your part by drinking beer (I love saying that). Don’t forget to bring canned food! – Manny”

Solid Ground runs over 30 programs all over King County to combat homelessness, poverty, reaching out to home-bound seniors and running food banks. Join the folks at the Nickerson and their brewery sponsors (including Manny) for a pint or two and help out this worthy cause.

A Benefit for Solid Ground
Thursday, Jan. 22 – 6:00 PM
Nickerson Street Saloon
318 Nickerson st
Seattle WA 98109
206 284-8819

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