Ninkasi Brewers Night at the Dog and Pony

We don’t always post stuff about individual brewers nights unless there is something special about it. This is the first time we’ve heard about Ninkasi Brewing coming to town, so there you go. They’ll be at Renton’s Dog and Pony Alehouse on January 21st.

First, what’s with the funky name? The Hymn to Ninkasi is one of the oldest artifacts on earth. It is, essentially, a stone tablet etched with a recipe for beer. Ninkasi, it is assumed, was the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of brewing. Etched on this ancient tablet, which was discovered by archaeologists in the 1950s in what is now Iraq, is a prayer that basically outlines how to make a very early version of beer. Our friends at Beer Church can tell you the complete story of  The Hymn to Ninkasi – just click here.

Fast forward 3,000 years. Ninkasi Brewing was started by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge  in 2006. Increasingly, their product has been making its way north from Eugene, OR into the Seattle area. On January 21st The Dog and Pony Alehouse in Renton will host a Brewer’s Night with Ninkasi Brewing Company. Meet Jamie and enjoy some of their delicious beers. This event will begin at 7:00 PM and will have the usual giveaways.