Ninkasi Brewing Announces Expansion Plans

Yesterday Ninkasi Brewing Company announced plans for a major expansion to its operations in Eugene, Oregon. The company expects the project to be completed sometime in late 2014. The expansion will allow Ninkasi to triple its production. This is the fourth expansion since the company formed six years ago.

Currently, the brewery produces 95,000 barrels per year. Ninkasi anticipates the expansion to facilitate the production of as much as 295,000 barrels per year. The plan describes a 78,000 square foot distribution facility, which includes warehousing and cold storage space. In addition, 28,000 square feet of offices will include a pilot brewing system for education and experimentation. The expanded production brewing facility will measure 26,000 square feet.

The addresses for the expansion are 220 Blair Boulevard and 135 Blair Boulevard. Although the address is new, Ninkasi will remain, basically, in its same location in Eugene’s Whiteaker District.



  1. Ninkasi keeps expanding and their beer keeps getting more and more average. This is why I like Alan Sprints from Hair of the Dog. He refuses to expand because he’s a firm believer that expanding too much can affect the quality of your beer.

  2. @ Ryan B

    There’s often truth to that, but expansion doesn’t necessarily guarantee diluted quality every time. Sierra Nevada’s beers contue to impress me despite their expansion. Our local Fremont Brewery seems to be expanding with their canning line, but if anything, they have improved.

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