Ninkasi Brewing the next in line for a fresh, new look

There must be something in the air this spring. We’ve recently reported on three local breweries reinventing their brand, to varying degrees. Now more than ever, breweries need to find a way to differentiate themselves as the beer aisle at the local grocery store gets more and more crowded. Putting a new paint job on the old six-packs isn’t a bad way to do it.

Recently we’ve told you about rebranding efforts by No-Li Brewhouse, Full Sail Brewing, and Scuttlebutt Brewing. Now we can add Ninkasi Brewing to that list. The beers getting a facelift are Total Domination IPA, Tricerahops Double IPA, and Dawn of the Red (red IPA).


“We started Ninkasi with the intent to help foster community,” says Jamie Floyd, Ninkasi co-founder and founding brewer. “Art and music have always been at the center of everything we do. Whether its recording artists at its in-house studio, crafting steel tap handles at its metal fabrication shop, or collaborating on a new project through its Artist in Residence program, Ninkasi’s passion for art resonates throughout the brewery. As we celebrate a decade of brewing, it seemed like a natural time to give our brands an updated look that further expresses who we are and where we are going.”

“These brands now better represent what we hold true to Ninkasi,” adds Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi CEO and co-founder. “We love our home in the Pacific Northwest, our access to the outdoors and the awesome cultural experiences that revolve around the unique passions and experiences that resonate here.”


These new looks were developed by Ninkasi’s in-house design team, working in collaboration with its Artist in Residence, gig poster artist Neal Williams.  The new artwork is intended to reflect the brewery’s move to a more art-forward aesthetic and better capture the personality of each beer.

“This new style celebrates our brand entering into a more art-focused look while also reflecting how our consumers have shown us they like to enjoy these beers,” says Ridge. “Whether that’s summiting a mountain with Total Domination IPA, celebrating with Tricerahops Double IPA, or watching a cult classic with Dawn of the Red.”



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