Delta Airlines and VICE Media are hosting a special beer event for entrepreneurs


Delta Air Lines and VICE Media are hosting a consumer experience  for aspiring entrepreneurs cultivated around Seattle’s food culture, from Tuesday, Aug. 8 to Friday, Aug. 11. One of the events, part of the Delta Launchpad series, focuses on beer. And it’s free.

The event is described like this. “Learn about the techniques that influence your favorite local breweries with a tasting and food pairing workshop hosted by No Anchor Bar.”

Expert presenters at the event include Jeffery Vance, who is currently the chef at Navy Strength in Seattle and previously worked at the now-closed Spur Gastropub. He’s joined by Max Sayer, a co-owner and barkeep extraordinaire at Belltown’s No Anchor, a relatively new, very cool, upscale beer bar. Jeffery and Max are hardly strangers: Navy Strength is right next door to No Anchor.

“Through daily programming, experiences and content, Delta’s Launchpad will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools to support their creative passions,” the website says. “The experiences are free and open to the public.”

The Delta Launchpad program focuses on Music (New York), film (Los Angeles), and food (Seattle). As we all know, beer is food and beer is also very, very Seattle.

See the full schedule of events and reserve your spot here.


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