O'Doul's, for when you really want to piss off your friends.

No foolin’ – fun stuff happening this weekend

In the past, I instigated some pretty hardcore April Fools pranks. Not this year. One year I managed to get a roomful of friends to drink a pony keg of O’Doul’s non-alcoholic beer. Even though I rewarded them with a keg of good beer when they were done, you can imagine that some of them were pretty upset. One year I managed to convince a friend that she was being haunted by a demonically possessed Camaro. That was a really, really good one. But I’m done fooling around. I wouldn’t be admitting to this stuff if I were trying to punk you. Tonight, for real, Beer Church Pale Ale will be released to the world. There’s other stuff happening this weekend, too.

Happening Tonight and This Weekend

(Friday 5:00 – Midnight; Saturday 1:00 – Midnight) Hopscotch Spring Beer and Scotch Festival at the Fremont Studios (Seattle). Tonight is the first of two Hop Scotch Sessions. The event features beer from a number of local (and not so local) breweries along with some really fine liquor. Washington boutique wines will also be showcased. We will be at Hop Scotch on Saturday afternoon, but the party gets strarted in Fremont tonight.

(Friday 6:00 – 9:00) Beer Church Pale Ale Release Party at West 5 (West Seattle). The same people who bring you this blog also lead Beer Church – a Seattle-based group dedicated to finding fun and affordable ways for beer-lovers to engage in charitable giving. Join us for the release of our latest batch of Beer Church Pale Ale, brewed by Schooner Exact Brewing. Proceeds benefit Pints for Prostates. For more information, click here.

(Friday 6:00 – 9:00) Foggy Noggin Brewers Night at By the Bottle (Vancouver, WA). This event will feature the debut of Foggy Noggin MLK Alt. From Foggy Noggin: “Every beer has a dream and in respect of the great MLK, beer’s all over the world have gained equality.  English, German, Belgium and even American beers are now seen on tap next to each other.  MLK Alt is brewed as a traditional German Alt and fits in perfectly with the Foggy Noggin English beer line-up.  Brewed in the winter and lagered until the spring provides a crisp, sharp flavor profile and a nice hop backbone.”

(Sunday 2:00 – 6:00) Catsino at the Beveridge Place Pub. Its game night (during the day) at the Beveridge Place. A dozen Vegas-style games will be set up by local businesses. Come do some fake gambling and win prizes. It’s a lot of fun and the proceed benefit the Furry Faces Foundation. While you’re there playing craps or roulette, enjoy a delicious craft beer.

Also, I should mention that today (April 1st) is the kick-off of the Beveridge Place Pub’s annual IPApril celebration. Look for lots and lots of delicious IPAs on tap all month – Imperial IPAs, black IPAs, local IPAs, not-so-local IPAs, and even regular-old IPAs.

Next week, April 8th, Cooper’s Alehouse kicks off its IPA Festival. Details coming.


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