No-Li Brewhouse extends its “Born and Raised” attitude to support the community

So here’s the deal. You visit No-Li Brewhouse on a LocALE Monday and enjoy a tasty beer in a collectors mug that features an etching of a local neighborhood and landmark. You get to keep the mug. But the thing is, when you purchase a beer like this on a LocALE Monday, it benefits worthy causes around the Spokane area. We first told you about the program in March (read it).

The LocALE program is just one way that No-Li Brewhouse extends its “born and raised” attitude to serve the community to which it belongs. The company’s employees actually volunteer in the LocALE neighborhoods depicted on the glassware. No-Li has learned that in addition to the value of a monetary donation, there is tangible value in getting involved in a more direct, hands-on sort of way.

Last May, customers attending LocALE events helped fund a playground enhancement project at Spokane Guild School, a neuromuscular center for children who experience developmental delays and/or disabilities. No-Li employees went out and did the work and then celebrated a job well done at a local tavern, thus supporting another local business.

Why am I telling you about this? Well, No-Li Brewhouse is currently exploring ways to extend this program to the Seattle area. If you have ideas, you should reach out to them via Facebook or Twitter. Or you can drop me a line and I’ll get you in touch with the right people.


Cheers to our sponsors, like…

Cheers to our sponsors, like...