No-Li Brewhouse launches its own wildfire relief fundraising campaign


What Sierra Nevada Brewing did back in November to rally the beer industry was remarkable. They were able to get about 1,500 breweries involved in their efforts to support Camp Fire relief, an effort expected to raise something like $15 million. It is totally amazing, but that effort should not exist in a bubble. It should be an inspiration.

No-Li Brewhouse of Spokane recently announced its own efforts to support wildfire relief. Yes, the wildfires this year in California were the most destructive in history, and the loss of life and property was enormous, but the rest of the west endured its own fires. No western state was immune. No-Li Brewhouse is fighting fire with beer.

Compared to the Resilience IPA program that Sierra Nevada spearheaded, this is pretty small potatoes, but like I said, the Resilience IPA program should be considered a call to action, not the end of the story. Cheers to No-Li Brewhouse for recognizing that!

No-Li Fight Fire With Beer Fundraiser

2018 saw catastrophic fires all over our country, the Camp Fire in California was especially destructive, and wildfires in Washington rage every year with larger and larger effect. We’re going to fight fire with beer.

We’ve crafted the Fight Fire Pale Ale, an easy drinking pale ale with pineapple and melon notes, dry hopped for a fresh aromatic nose.

For every pint purchased this month, No-Li Brewhouse will give $3 to the Northern California Camp Fire Fund and Washington State Fire Fighters. We’re trying to raise $5,000 total with $2,500 going to each fund.

And to help raise awareness, when you buy a Fight Fire Pale Ale, you’ll get this specialty pint glass to take home with you!