No-Li Brewhouse raising $10k for local teens


No-Li Brewhouse in Spokane is currently selling Spokane Has Heart T-shirts to benefit a local non-profit that provides a free clothing boutique to under-served and marginalized segments of the community’s teen population. Understandably, Teen Closet sees a crush of demand this time of year as teens get ready to head back to school.

Here’s a press release about the program’s success:

SPOKANE, USA — No-Li Brewhouse in Spokane, Wash., is well on its way to reaching its goal of raising $10,000 in the month of August for local nonprofit Teen Closet.

This is part of No-Li’s Spokane Has Heart initiative, which mobilizes the Inland Northwest to raise funds for underserved and marginalized segments of the brewery’s community. The latest Spokane Has Heart efforts aims to provide money to Teen Closet as the free clothing boutique (featuring new and lightly used items) prepares for the back to school rush.

Since launching the effort on Friday, Aug. 4, No-Li, which funded the design, printing and cost of the T-shit, has sold more than half of its stock of 400 shirts in just a matter of days. There are currently about 165 shirts remaining with new sales happening rapidly.

“The spirit in our pub has been amazing. Community members are showing that they support these kids, and it’s incredible to see this happen — especially at such a brisk pace,” says No-Li Marketing Manager Mike Bookey.

Previous Spokane Has Heart efforts raised money for a woman critically injured while saving her family from their burning home, a Native American school that was vandalized, the family of a child who died in a fire, St. Margaret’s Family Shelter and other community efforts. Teen Closet is the latest group that No-Li has reached out to.

“Teen Closet has been serving thousands of young people in need for nearly 10 years in the Spokane area. The numbers are growing, and we want to help every kid who needs it,” says Teen Closet co-founder Robyn Nance. “We rely on the village to help, and thanks to the generosity of community members and partners like No-Li, it hasn’t let us down.”

Spokane Has Heart T-shirts are available only at the No-Li Brewhouse pub for $25 each while supplies last.


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