The Noble Fir Presents the Imperial IPA Invitational

UPDATE: 6/27/2012

The Noble Fir provides the following update:

Just a couple of updates on our lineup for Friday’s event. Snipes Mountain Vaquero, Stone Double Dry Hopped Ruination and HUB Ace of Spades will replace Unearthly, Green Flash and Hoptimum. Ninkasi is a Double (not triple) dry hopped tricerahops

Lastly, we are partnering with Uber Car to give patrons 50% off rides to and from The Noble Fir on Friday – the promo code is “SEAIPA” – here is a little blurb about Uber Car:

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You can also sign up here:

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The Noble Fir calls it an Imperial IPA Invitational. To me it sounds more like a benefit for local taxi drivers. On Friday, June 29, The Noble Fir taps into a selection of 16 Imperial IPAs. Brutal. We provide the list of beers below. It is ridiculous. Seriously, they should be ashamed of themselves. I am kidding of course; this is the kind of event that rewards discipline and restraint.

The list of beers is amazing so I do not know how many other details you need. I suppose it might help to know that they open at 4:00. It also might help to know that the address is 5316 Ballard Ave. NW, Seattle (Map it). Yellow Cab’s number is 622-6500.

Other than that, you are on your own. The beers will pour until they are gone. Meaning, you should expect to see a nice selection of Imperial IPAs for at least a couple days following the event itself.

Be civil. Let’s all try to get along. Most of all, stay out of my way!

Here is the list of confirmed beer:

Black Raven Brewing, Wisdom Seeker
Boneyard Brewery, Hop Venom
Cascade Brewing, Hopfen Kopf
Everybody’s Brewing, Big Brother
Fremont Brewing, Double Dry Hopped Brother on Cask
Green Flash Brewing, Imperial IPA
Laurelwood Brewery, Green Mammoth
Ninkasi Brewing, Triple Dry-Hopped Tricerahops
Port Brewing, Mongo
Russian River Brewing, Pliny the Elder
Schooner Exact Brewing, Imperial Bravehorse
Sierra Nevada Brewing, Hoptimum
Snoqualmie Falls Brewing, Extra Dry Hopped Plant 1 Powerhouse
Sound Brewery, Imperial Latona
Southern Tier Brewing, Oak Aged Unearthly
Two Beers Brewing, Walking Bear

Note that something might fall off of the list if something else even more impressive happens to show up.


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