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No-Li Brewhouse Celebrates Small-Batch Beers

No-Li Brewhouse announced today that it will host No Boundaries on the River, a small-batch beer festival on the banks of the Spokane River.  The event takes place at the brewery in Spokane on Saturday, April 26 from noon to 4:00 p.m. in the No-Li River Room and on the back patio along the river.

No-Li Brewhouse’s No Boundaries series of beers are small-batch beers brewed each month. They allow the brewers to get creative and experiment with different ingredients, style, and brewing techniques. For the customers, the No Boundaries beers offer some new to try each month.

No-Li_beer_gardenThe No Boundaries on the River festival will feature 12 beers from the No Boundaries series, including barrel-aged, experimental, and infused brews (such as, dry-hopped or infused with specialty ingredients like vanilla, cocoa nibs, and so on).

“This festival is a celebration of creativity and being a small, hands-on brewery. Our brewers get to play around with beer styles and different ingredients, and our guests get to enjoy the variety of flavors. What’s not to love!” says pub manager, Curtis Jones.

No-Li will have a special menu available that day, as well as live music and “lawn games.” No entry fee; no ticket needed. Pay as you go. Everyone is welcome.

For more information about the event visit There, you can register for the event: no payment, just tell them that you’re coming.