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No-Li Brewhouse – Exporting Beer to Sweden

Born & Raised IPA is an outstanding beer from No-Li Brewhouse of Spokane, WA. Perhaps they should consider re-branding it as Bjorn & Raised IPA.

Today we learned via a report on that Spokane’s No-Li Brewhouse intends to begin exporting beer to Sweden. Following a name change and some restructuring last year, the brewery formerly known as Northern Lights began making a concerted effort to increase its distribution footprint, but this announcement exceeds expectations.

John Bryant, No-Li’s co-founder, told that the decision to export the company’s beer over 4,000 miles away from home was largely based on its success in international competitions. “We know our beer travels well,” he said. “We are winning medals around the globe and this makes a ton of sense for No-Li. It is nice validation for something to be selected for distribution internationally.”

Bryant notes that earning distribution rights in Sweden is no easy task. Imported beers must first pass a government taste test. Apparently No-Li’s Crystal Bitter ESB and Born & Raised IPA passed the test last year when they appeared at the Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival.  No-Li Brewing will soon be shipping 500 cases of ESB and IPA to Sweden.

Read the original story on Brewbound.

Please forgive me for the Bjorn & Raised joke. I couldn’t resist.

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