North Sound Brewing Co – the beer reaches Seattle

Back on August 4th we told you about 12 new breweries that were popping up in Washington (read that post). The list of breweries included North Sound Brewing Company of Mount Vernon. We have just learned that this brewery, which had its microbrewery license approved on July 17th, has begun to deliver beer to the Seattle market.

Until a few minutes ago, the Porterhouse in West Seattle was pouring Hop Chops IPA — a delicious, Simcoe dry-hopped IPA. Now, they are pouring the Slainte Stout, an Irish-style nitro stout. I was fortunate enough to sample the IPA before it blew. I don’t want to rub it in, but it was good.

Hopefully we’ll start seeing more North Sound Brewing beers around town. The bartender confirmed my suspicions. The Porterhouse was early to tap these new brews because Silas Reynolds, the Porterhouse’s owner, knows the owner of North Sound Brewing (Kurt Ahrens).

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  1. A bit more context, that I am aware of. Ron Browning (whom is either head, assistant or consulting brewer for North Sound, last we talked in June that was still up in the air) used to be head brewer for Skagit River Brewing Co, also in Mt. Vernon. After a somewhat bitter personnel change, Ron hopped on board with North Sound Brewing. It seems that Skagit River has suffered a bit since they lost Ron and it seems VERY good news that he’s working with North Sound Brewing. I’m looking forward to giving them a try!

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