Northwest Brewing in Pacific is changing its business model


Earlier today we mistakenly reported that Northwest Brewing was closing down. As far as we know, the rest of what we reported was true with regards to the auctioning of equipment and the closing of the taproom at the of this month.

We humbly retract our previous statement and regret using the term closing down in error. We have now been told that “We are doing anything but [closing down]… this was a strategic decision 2 years in the making and we are not done yet.”

They are not closing down. Rather, they are transitioning to a contract brewing model.

Here is the announcement I have now received from the brewery.

Northwest Brewing Company switches strategy for future growth

Odin Brewing Company (Tukwila, WA) to act as primary contract brewer

Pacific WA, August 28, 2017:  Northwest Brewing Company C.E.O. Greg Steed has made the strategic decision to transition quickly to a contract brewing model using Tukwila’s Odin Brewing Company as the principle supplier.  “After many conversations over several months with the guys at Odin Brewing, discussing an ever-changing craft brewing environment it became clear that to achieve success, we needed to focus on what we do best which selling beer and building our brand.  The guys at Odin Brewing will continue refining the quality of our beer and bring new products to market with greater speed, effectiveness, cost and ability to scale for both companies,” said Steed. Northwest expects little to no interruption in delivering their beers to marketplace and the consumers will continue to enjoy their award-winning beers.  In the meantime, the brewery in Pacific WA is now going to auction.

“This deal makes sense for both parties in that our brewery has the capacity and expertise to fulfill both company’s ambitions,” said Dan Lee of Odin Brewing Co. LLC.

Both companies will remain separate legal entities and will retain all current distributor and customer relationships.





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  1. Thought they were cute degrading women with names like “hoppy bitch” and “crazy bitch”. Brilliant thought process alienating half the consumer base. Should have concentrated on making good beer but hard to when you have had 20 different brewers. What a mess!

    1. I live right by their brewery and taproom, and tried to like them, but always failed. Honestly, this model probably plays to their strengths.

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