NW Peaks Brewery – new taproom and brewery opens today


Last night I stopped by NW Peaks Brewery’s new digs in Seattle’s Hillman City neighborhood for a sneak peek. The new brewery and taproom opens today (April 20th) at 3:00. NW Peaks Brewery is not new to the local beer scene and has been around since 2011. They’ve been brewing in the Hillman City location for a few months, but now the taproom is opening.


Located in the former home of Spinnaker Bay Brewing, the new spot is both familiar and transformed. Kevin Klein, the owner/brewer at NW Peaks Brewery, has been busy making changes to the space. It still feels like Spinnaker Bay’s taproom, but there are some pretty significant changes. Along with fresh paint, Kevin dropped the ceiling over part of the taproom and added some soft seating. He also added a stand-up bar between the two sections of the taproom.


They started brewing at the new location back in December, so you should expect to see plenty of house-brewed beers on tap. The brewing system is the same one Spinnaker Bay was using, but they’ve made a few changes, and intend to make more in the future. Also, they installed a second, larger walk-in cooler for additional keg storage (now there’s one for serving beer and also one or storing beer).


There are a total of 18 taps, 17 of which are dedicated to beer, with one for cider. Of the 17 beers on tap right now, all but two were brewed at the Hillman City location.

Draft lineup for the opening.

According to Kevin, the new taproom is family-friendly, and they are fully aware that some families have four-legged, furry children (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).


This is a no-cash bar, meaning they only accept payment by card, which is an increasingly common practice. Get used to. It provides a lot of advantages for the business.

For now, no food trucks. Kevin says he wants to get up and running and see if there is demand before he reaches out to any food trucks. In the meantime, there are plenty of other places in the neighborhood where you can grab food.

NW Peaks Brewery, Hillman City
5718 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, 98118

Mon-Thurs 3:00-11:00
Fri 3:00-midnight
Sat Noon-midnight


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  1. Kendall, I remember stopping by your beer-themed basement apartment with my big sister Debbie back when you and she were in high school… I was 2 years younger, and we all lived in the same neighborhood. You were reputed to be wild & crazy, but kind to me as I recall. I happened on your blog by chance, enjoyed it too, happy to see you’re still out there and doing what you love. I was Cindy Warm back then, don’t expect you to remember as I was just a little squirt and it was ages ago. I’m going to keep an eye on your posts. Love your crooked smile–that’s how I knew it was you!

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