An Ode to the Intrinsic Value of Pants (and Beer)

The Parkway Tavern asked me to remind you all that everyone needs pants. Men, women and kids of all shapes and ages, we all need ’em. Blue jeans, slacks, trousers. Pants. You probably take the intrinsic value of pants for granted. Where would we be without them? Sans pantalones! Not pretty! Pants are good. Unfortunately, there are people who need pants.

This Saturday, when many establishments will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by putting green food coloring in bad beer, the venerable Tacoma watering hole will host Ode to St. Pants Day. The Parkway Tavern will collect pants for the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Good beer and pants. They just go together. For every pair of pants you donate this Saturday, you will get a raffle ticket. Working in conjunction with Marine View Distributing, the Parkway Tavern will give away a whole bunch of prizes. Here’s the word straight from John O’Garra and The Parkway Tavern:

The Parkway Tavern St. Pants Day

Ode to St.Pants Day at the Parkway. Saturday March 16th 7pm til we all fall down.

We all know that St. Patrick’s Day has become one of the biggest drinking days of the year. The Parkway has usually backed away from amateur nights and concentrated on just bringing the best beer we can find to our customers year round.

But this year, in conjunction with our good friend Eric from Marine View Distributing, we finally found a rewarding way to celebrate the day. St. Pants Day.

People need pants. So here’s the deal. For every pair of pants donated to our pants drive you get a raffle ticket. The Grand Prize will be a bunch of gift certificates and complimentary brewery tours to a slew of local breweries. Men’s, women’s, kid’s pants. Jeans, casual. We don’t care. We just want you to drop your pants at the Parkway, and we will forward them to the Tacoma Rescue Mission.

Beer and pants to the people!



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