Odin Brewing Opening a New Tasting Room (Asgard Tavern)

We just learned that Odin Brewing will soon be opening a tasting room in Seattle. The brewery will remain in South Park, but Asgard Tavern will be the brewery’s official satellite operation across town in the North Lake Union area.

The brewery’s location in a South Park light-industrial complex is a fine place to brew beer but is not really conducive to operating a successful taproom, as at least a couple other breweries have learned over the years–Baron Brewing, Laughing Buddha Brewing and Schooner Exact Brewing all operated nearby at some point.

According to the Facebook page, Asgard Tavern will be “a satellite Tavern from Odin Brewing. Here we intend to showcase our beer, special casks and seasonal products, as well as periodic food pairings and guest breweries. We are opening imminently, so watch this space [the Asgard Tavern Facebook page].”

Asgard Tavern will be located at
1300 N. Northlake
Seattle, WA 98103


  1. There were too many bad reasons for tap-room failures for those South Park brewers, but the worst two were a nasty neo-prohibitionist landlord who was firmly against anything that even resembled a pub, and the bridge closure that more or less cut off South Park. Makes sense to put a taproom in a friendlier environment.

  2. That’s certainly all true, Don. And South Park is not exactly a booming neighborhood, bridge or no. I think they’ll do okay in Wallingmont, where there seem to be thirsty hordes of young families yearning to be free.

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