Once again, Black Raven faces off against the wine world

It was quite a lightening rod when a big winery from California came shooting for little ol’ Black Raven Brewing. Few stories have sparked as much debate and triggered so much disdain as the matter of Black Raven vs. Ravenswood winery. You can read about that episode in Black Raven’s history here.

But that’s water under the bridge.

Tomorrow (Thursday, July 14) at Itallianissimo in Woodinville, Black Raven will once again face off against a winery; this time in a much less contentious affair. The beer vs. wine dinner will pit Redmond’s rockstar brewery against one of Woodinvilles outstanding wineries: Efeste. The outcome of this challenge will have nothing to do with deep pockets and fast-talking-three-name lawyers. It’s all about food and drink.

The dinner features five courses paired with five wines and five beers. You decide which pairs better with each course: the wine or the beer. Seating is limited. Get on it right away if you want to attend this delicious event. The cost is $75/person, plus tax and gratuity. Click here to register for the event.

The lineup:

citrus hefeweizen // 2010 feral sauvignon blanc
[decadent crab crepes topped with extra virgin olive oil, deep fried orange peel, and sea salt]

trickster ipa // 2010 evergreen riesling
[hand-tossed pizza with a peanut sauce base, topped with spicy lobster, fresh prima vera veggies, lime and cilantro]

tamerlane brown porter // 2008 ceidleigh syrah
[sweet potato chips topped with pulled pork and chilled cherry salsa]

second sight strong scotch ale // 2007 final final red blend
[a classic Italianissimo housemade meatball, housemade wild boar sausage topped with sweet onion whiskey sauce, and mashers.]

grandfather raven redmond imperial stout // 2008 big papa cabernet sauvignon
[gelato formaggio]


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