Parkway Tavern Celebrates 79th Birthday This Weekend

by Casey McLain, South Sound Bureau Chief

I haven’t been to a ton of 79th birthdays, but the one’s I’ve been to have included very few 79 year olds with beer flowing through them. Parkway Tavern’s 79th will be much different.

The party will feature live music from Rusty Cleavers, barbecue from Chad’s BBQ, Tacoma staple Gibson’s Frozen Yogurt, and plenty more. If Parkway’s beer selection wasn’t enough, they always bring solid entertainment to their summer events.

The beer lineup will feature several offerings from the exploding Tacoma beer scene, as well as some of the rare gems Parkway Tavern is known to unearth on special occasions.

Showing up early to any Parkway event has its virtues. For me, the main reason to show up early is to make sure I get a pint of whatever one-off beer Parkway is featuring that I will likely never have the opportunity to try again. Another purpose for arriving early: to grab some space in some of the coveted square footage inside of Parkway’s walls or in their beer garden before it fills up with eager patrons.

Fear not if you arrive later, though. The party will go on all night, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to back for seconds of your favorite beer from Saturday night early Sunday afternoon.

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