burke-gilman brewing paying it forward to local healthcare workers with beer.

Pay it Forward for healthcare workers at Burke Gilman Brewing, and others


The first time I heard about this idea was a couple weeks ago when Chainline Brewing in Kirkland announced that it was offering free beer to local healthcare workers with the help of an anonymous donor. Then we heard about a similar thing happening at Narrows Brewing in Tacoma a few days ago. In Everett, Lazy Boy Brewing is offering free beer to Snohomish County healthcare workers this week, with the help of an anonymous donor. This whole “pay it forward with beer” thing is really gaining momentum. I like it.

At Crucible Brewing, more of the same. Their program invites the public to contribute. Just talk to the bartender when you stop in pick up beer to go, or give them a call.  “Show us your badge to receive a FREE 32-oz Crowler of your choice of beer. Please limit yourself to One Crowler per healthcare worker per visit. This to make sure more people get a chance to get a beer. We’ve got a Healthcare Gift Card behind the bar that our wonderful community has donated money to for you to use. We are also offering 25% off the tab to any Healthcare Workers that purchase beer TO GO or for Delivery.”

Now, you can add Seattle’s Burke-Gilman Brewing to the list.

If there are others, let me know. I love this idea.

It’s a simple plan, really. First, we all want to support our local breweries during these challenging times. Second, we all owe a debt of gratitude to the frontline healthcare workers who are risking so much to do their usually thankless jobs. Why not do both at the same time? You can support your local brewery by paying it forward, with beer, for local healthcare workers.

Burke-Gilman Brewing is offering a chance for you to do that. Here’ how.

Beer it Forward for Health Care Workers!

Laurelhurst, Seattle, Friday April 24th.

Let’s buy our front line health care workers a drink!

We all want to do something for the people staffing our health care system right now. Janitors, orderlies, lab techs, EMTs, nurses, nurse practitioners, PAs, doctors – every person pulling long shifts right now to keep us safe. We are all grateful to them, really beyond our ability to express with words, and when this is all over, I’m sure a lot of us would like to stand them a pint or two and say thanks in person. But, until then…

The liquor control board says we’re not allowed to give away beer. But, the excellent folks at Chainline Brewing in Kirkland showed us how to do this: they found a donor to pre-buy beer for health care workers in Kirkland. We haven’t found a big donor, but we can easily facilitate lots of small donors – let’s all buy our health care workers a drink to take home!

Starting now, in person or online, anyone can add a “crowler for health care heroes” to their bill – it’s just like our “Buy A Children’s Parent a Pint” program, but with beer to-go. Then if a front line worker stops in after their shift, they can just take home their choice (beer or cider – anything we have pouring – see our taplist here). If they call ahead (206.268.0220) or email ([email protected]), we can even have it ready for them, so they can get home to their family with no delay.

To buy your neighbors on the front lines a drink, head to our online store. And pick up something for yourself while you’re there!