Penumbra – Seattle's New Beer & Music Festival

People around the globe recognize Seattle as the home of the Space Needle, great chefs, great coffee, and men in orange rain pants throwing fish. Blah, blah, blah. More important than all that, Seattle is the birthplace of great beer and great music. We are true leaders in that regard. For too long Seattle has been lacking a kickass beer and music festival. Typically,  beer is an afterthought at our music festival. And vice versa. Epic fail! The Penumbra Beer Bash intends to confront this problem head on.

Nearly 30 breweries are already involved. Good breweries. Really good breweries, actually. Go to the website and look at the list. You will be impressed and maybe even surprised. Also, half a dozen bands are scheduled to perform. Even The Stranger is on board for this one. Actually, it’s the driving force. I know, I know. You just crapped your pants.

The Stranger and beer? As a beer geek I suddenly feel so hip and validated! Sorry, there is no reason for me to be so sardonic. I truly am excited that Seattle’s number one lifestyle rag is involved in a beer festival. Cheers to that! (Hello Stranger, more beer please. Call me.)

Penbumbra Beer Bash happens on Saturday, March 16 at King’s Hall, a new event venue located off Rainier Avenue, very near the Mt. Baker light rail station. It’s a new venue for me, anyway. Tickets are on sale now.

Go check out the website. You’ll be impressed. This seems to have all the makings of a really good music-fueled beer festival. And, good lord, we’ve needed one of those in this town for a long, long time.


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