Perihelion Brewery opening the Bottle Library and celebrating Festivus


Perihelion Brewery opened in 2016 and quickly became a beloved fixture in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood. Usually packed, neighbors and friends gather at the brewpub on the corner of 16th Ave. South and South McClellan Street to share beers, food and convivial conversations. Like most brewpubs, the focus is on draft beers, but next week (December 8 through 10) Perihelion Brewery is opening its Bottle Library and releasing some very special, bottle-conditioned brews*.

In addition to the bottle releases, they also have some Seinfeld-themed food specials lined up for the Festivus season, like pesto fusilli and a Reuben sandwich on marbled rye. For those unfamiliar, The Fusilli Jerry and The Marbled Rye are episodes of the long-running comedy.

Here’s what brewer/owner Les McAuliffe is releasing next week:

Perihelion – Quince Braggot
Barrel-Aged Perihelion
Gooseberry Saison Sour
Black Currant Saison Sour
Apogee – Dark Belgian Strong
Mango Sour
Belgian Blackberry
Dark Crystal -Belgian Pale
Tart Blonde on Wood

Limited Quantities – Most Bottles $15

*In simplest terms, bottle-conditioning is a traditional way of carbonating beer. Instead of using CO2 to force carbonate the beer, the beer is carbonated naturally. CO2 is a byproduct of fermentation, so after the beer is done fermenting, a small amount of sugar is added to the beer to reactivate the remaining yeast. The beer is then bottles and the beer is carbonated by the little bit of final fermentation that happens thereafter.




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