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Photos and Follow Up – WA Cask Beer Festival 2012

Here is our report, with plenty of pictures, from yesterday’s Washington Cask Beer Festival.

Once again Washington’s brewers nailed it. Cask Fest was fantastic again this year. Creativity ruled the day. Once again there were way too many beers to sample. You had to be discerning about which beers you wanted to try. Usually I walk away from Cask Fest thinking that at least a couple beers missed the mark. This year every beer I tasted was good or great.

Best tweet of the day: @nwbeerguide Overheard at #WABG #CaskFest, “This beer is flat.”

Among our favorite beers: Naked City Brewery’s A Dude in Every Port (Big Lebrewski Russian Imperial Stout aged in Port barrels); Rock Bottom Brewery’s Apricot Hop Bomb (Hop Bomb IPA with apricots and grapefruit zest); 7 Seas Brewing’s Barrel-Aged Hop Prophet (Wet Hop Ale barrel aged with raspberry and brettanomyces); Port Townsend Brewing’s Dead See Imperial IPA; and Ram Brewery’s Peachy Keen Pale Ale

People’s Choice Awards

We attended the first session and were there to hear who won the People’s Choice Awards. For the second session, we have gathered what information we could find on Twitter and Facebook.

First session:

1st Place – Black Raven’s Bizarelywine

2nd Place (tie) – Redhook’s Dos Svidaniya (Russian Imperial Stout) and Naked City’s A Dude in Every Port

Second session:

1st Place – Diamond Knot’s Apple Cinnamon ESB

2nd Place (tie) – Black Raven’s Bizarleywine and Redhook’s Dos Svidaniya

Photo Gallery

Photos by Kendall Jones, First Draft Production.

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  1. Great photo’s. Wish I could have been there – always feels like a big family reunion. Also recognized some friends from Portland.
    And brewers are putting fruit in beer – how about that!

  2. Going to 2nd session this year was a bad choice. Far too many breweries didn’t ration during the 1st session so many were gone or only lasted a short time during the 2nd session. While still a fun night, I started to feel pretty disappointed after the 5th beer in a row I was seeking turned out to be gone. I’ll be switching back to 1st session from now on.

  3. Good time, great beers! Wonderful way to spend my birthday. (Thanks Soleil!)

    I think you have to be superhuman to have full pours and fill out your punchcard…but that’s not a bad thing.

  4. Yeah, I thought the punch card thing was a bit odd too. 25 4oz pours? Why have a system at all, just make it a free-pour event.

  5. Regarding the punch cards. Huge improvement over tokens, IMHO. The Liquor Control Board does not allow “all you can drink” events. Organizers must provide X number of beers for $X.xx. And some way to monitor how many beers you drink. In a nutshell, and as I understand it.

  6. I’ve only been to Hops N Props once, but it was a “free pour” event. There were 8oz fill lines on the side of a pint glass, but there were no tokens, and at the end, the folks pouring out of bottles were just emptying the bottles into our glasses. But yes, the punch card was better than tokens or tickets. If you filled your card, you could even get another one.

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