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Top picks for Seattle Beer Week

There are way too many events happening for Seattle Beer Week again this year. Don’t misunderstand me, that’s a great thing. I recommend that you to peruse the Seattle Beer Week website to see them all. Below I offer my top picks.

Note that I am an unapologetic homer and tend to favor events that put the Seattle back in Seattle Beer Week. Well, not exclusively. I’m not stupid, after all. I get it. SBW provides out-of-state breweries, and the distributors who sell their beer, countless opportunities to further solidify their position in the lucrative Seattle beer market, but I think the local beer and brewing scene can stand on its own two feet. Yes, I know many of you think I’m crazy.

My Top Picks for Beer Week

Seattle Cask-O-Rama – Beveridge Place Pub. Thursday, May 12 – Two favorites come together as one: cask-conditioned beer and Seattle-brewed beer. More cask beer than you can shake a stick at, and all of it from Seattle breweries.

Seattle Proper – Naked City Brewery and Taphouse. Thursday, May 12 – A selection of some of the best beers in the city, featuring “fruit and other infusions, sours, and other rarities.” The current count is 17 beers. All brewed by breweries within city limits.

Back in Black Stout Fest – Brouwer’s Cafe. Friday, May 13 – The beer list is amazing, of course, with some of the most dramatic, challenging, delicious, mind-altering stouts in the world. It gets started at 11:00 AM when the doors open and there will be a line to get in.

Bob’s Brown Ale Release – Nickerson Street Saloon. Saturday, May 14 – Each year Georgetown Brewing releases this delicious, philanthropic brew in May. This would be a big deal even if there were no Seattle Beer Week. It’s one of the happiest parties you’ll ever attend. Cheers to Bob, and cheers to all the kids and families at Ronald McDonald House that benefit from Bob’s Brown Ale.

Iron Brewers Pro Triple Header – Beveridge Place Pub. Sunday, May 15 – They pick the ingredients, the brewers make the beers, and you are the judge. Similar to television’s Iron Chef, but a lot more fun, because beer is involved.

Women in Beer – Pike Brewing Company. Monday, May 16 – It’s a celebration of the important roles that women play in the beer world. And more. Tons of great beer, food, wine, spirits, and more. All from purveyors of the womanly kind.

Can You Handle My Randle – Pine Box. Tuesday, May 17 – I love those crazy contraptions! Randles are, simply put, very cool. Nobody knows more about infusing beer with extra flavor than the Randle Masters at The Pine Box. A crapload of beers pushed through randles all damn day!

Sour Fest – Brouwer’s Cafe. Thursday, May 19 – The list of beers will blow your mind. If you are a sour beer fan, this is the event you should be looking forward to. Another event that would stand on its own and the fact that it happens during Seattle Beer Week is tangential.

Locals Only Tap Takeover – Chuck’s Central District. Friday, May 20 –  All 50 taps at Chuck’s will be turned over to the local brewers that make the Seattle beer scene so great. What a fitting way to wind down Seattle Beer Week.

My Liver Hurts BBQ – Fremont Brewing. Sunday, May 22 – Are you still standing? It’s been a long ‘week’ and you’ve drank lots of beer; but you’re not done quite yet. Head to Fremont’ Brewing’s Urban Beer Garden to celebrate the close of another Seattle Beer Week with beer and a free BBQ.


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