Pictures of the new Machine House Brewery taproom


As we reported earlier, Machine House Brewery opened a second location, a taproom in Seattle’s Central District. Today (Friday, July 6th) is the official opening day. The location is near the corner of 14th Avenue and E. Jefferson Street, just across the street from Seattle University’s Championship Field. The new taproom is on the ground floor of one of the neighborhood’s new apartment buildings.


As you would expect from a brewery that focuses on traditional English-style real ales, this place is something of a cask-beer mecca. There are nine beer engines, imported from England, built into the bar. They also have a few “regular” taps that will pour guest beers — stuff that keeps at least somewhat in tune with what Machine House does, and maybe a lager too.


Out front, large glass doors open to the patio seating. There isn’t a lot of it, but it’s there. Sidewalk seating in a vibrant Seattle neighborhood is pretty cool. Right across the street, Championship Field is the home of the Seattle University Redhawks.


Behind the scenes, the walk-in cooler keeps the beers at a perfect cellar temperature, appropriate for this style of beer, of about 53 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is located right behind the bar.



That s-shaped piece of metal pictured below is actually a spring. The kegs (casks) sit on spring loaded racks that tips the keg as it empties. Remember, there’s no forced carbonation here, so gravity does some of the work.


Not only does the spring-thingy help the beer pour, but it helps keep it nice and clear and free of turbidity. The result is a perfectly poured pint of delicious, cool (but not icy cold) real ale, just like they serve in the old country.