Pictures and review of the 7 Seas Anniversary Party

Saturday we attended the 7 Seas Brewing Company’s first anniversary party. We arrived at about 1:30 when the party was just beginning to pick up steam. As directed, we parked the Washington Beer Cruiser at the designated off-site parking lot and waited less than 5 minutes for the shuttle bus which took us to the front gate. Very convenient.

Travis pouring beer for the thirsty crowd.

First things first: we got a couple beers. Then we got some food. By the time we finished lunch, we noticed that the crowd was growing rapidly. The shuttle bus showed up every 5 minutes and dropped off another full load of partygoers. By the time we left at 4:30, the place was packed. I’m not good at judging crowd size, but there had to be hundreds of people there.

Surprisingly, we didn’t see any of the regular crew that we see at events like this (we call them the “drinkalotti”). Nope, this event was crowded primarily with local beer lovers who were there to show their appreciation to Mike Runion and Travis Guterson for blessing the Gig Harbor community with a brewery.  Many of the younger partygoers seemed to be friends, many of the older partygoers said that they knew “the boys” one way or another.

Mike was greeting people in the beer line and taking their orders. A great way to insure he got to say hello to everyone at the party.

The beer was delicious, the crowd was friendly (even the pirates), the food was tasty and the music was really good. At times, the beer line was a bit long, but not long enough to prevent us from having a great time. You gotta stand somewhere, right?

All in all, it was a great party. Happy first birthday, 7 Seas Brewing!

Part of the modest crowd. Early in the day


Smokin' BBQ

The merchandise table was busy all day.

Pouring beer as fast as they could, all day long.

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  1. Congratulations to Mike & Travis for a great first year! We look forward to continue enjoying your beers throughout the coming years.

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