Pike Entire Release Update

As originally reported here on the WBB, Pike Entire will be released to the public soon. Don’t miss this exceptional beer. Here is an update that we just got from Drew Cluley, Head Brewer at Pike.

We are bottling the Pike Entire as I type this (Thursday morning 11/20) – and expect to have them wax dipped and ready for pickup by our distributors on Monday the 24th. Should be getting into accounts by Tuesday the 25th. They will go on sale at the Pike Pub on Monday the 24th as well; (a limited number of bottles) – and the 1st of a few kegs we are setting aside for the Pike Pub will be tapped on Black Friday at Noon. (Black Bourbon Barrel Friday) – the other few kegs set aside for the Pike Pub will be used for special occasions this winter.