Pints and Ciders and Wines, oh my!

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This year’s Washington Brewers Festival (June 18-20) will feature some new stuff and we want to make sure you know what to expect. Today, we will share some details about the Pint Garden and the Cider and Wine Tent.

Pint Garden – Many festival-goers have been wanting this for years. Now it’s here. You’ve tasted all those great beers in sample sizes and that makes you want a full pint. This year, there will be a special beer garden where you will find a rotating selection of four or five draft beers available by the pint. You’ll have to stop by the Pint Garden to find out what’s being served–the selection will rotate throughout the weekend. The Pint Garden is 21+.

Cider and Wine Tent – While readers of this blog tend to lean heavily towards beer, they are often attached to people who do not share the same singular focus. This year the festival will include an expanded Cider and Wine Tasting Tent featuring fine ciders and wines from Washington State. A list of ciders and wines is available below.

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Updated on Monday, June 7th


Finnriver Cidery – Chimacum, WA
Farmstead (Rustic Sparkling Cider)

Red Barn Cider – Mt. Vernon, WA
Red Barn Sweetie Pie (Common Cider Sweet)
Red Barn Fire Barrel Cider (English Cider Dry)

Snowdrift Cider – East Wenatchee, WA
Dry Cider (English Style Cider)
Cliffbreaks Blend (Common Cider)
Semi Dry (New English Style Cider)

Tieton Cider Works – Tieton, WA
Wild Washington Apple (Semi Dry)
Cherry (Semi Sweet)
Blossom Nectar (Sweet)

Westcott Bay Orchards – Friday Harbor, WA
Traditional Dry Cider (English)
Traditional Medium Sweet Cider (English)

Wildfire Cider – Port Townsend, WA

Pirate’s Plank-Bone Dry (Organic Scrumpy Estate Cider)

Apfelwein (Organic Still Estate Cider)

Ember Semi-Sweet (Organic Estate Cider)


Patterson Cellars
2009 Chardonnay (Chardonnay)
2009 Rose (Rose)
Woodslake Due Anniversary (2-year Red Blend)

William Church Winery – Woodinville, WA
2008 Bishop’s Blend (Red Wine Blend)
2009 Viognier (White Wine)

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  1. Although I think its a nice respite from so many beers, I don’t feel that hosting wine or cider is sending the right message, given that this is an event to benefit the Commission.

    Although I know there is a myth that beer drinkers only drink beer and only wine drinkers drink wine, to me this event should still be all about the beer.

    Chalk my opinion to not having organized and promoted an event. I am open to suggestions from others on this one why wine or cider should be promoted, especially when wine already has a strong backing by the people (sales, shipping, tax-breaks, etc.).

    A little grouchy since I am missing out on Donut Day.

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