Poker & Pints at 5 South Seattle Breweries this Sunday

This Sunday afternoon, April 27, in South Seattle, five breweries have teamed up to put together a new kind of beer event: South Seattle Poker & Pints.

It’s a simple concept. Basically, it’s what bikers call a “poker run.” You visit five places, picking up a playing card at each. When you’re done, the five cards make up your poker hand. In the case of Poker & Pints, it’s a matter of visiting five south Seattle breweries and enjoying a pint at each, in whatever order you please. When you get to the last brewery, and your hand is complete, you will compete against the house’s hand.

Poker_RunThe five breweries involved in Poker & Pints are Big Al Brewing, Epic Ales, Lowercase Brewing, Machine House Brewing, and Tin Dog Brewing. To assemble your poker hand, visit each of those breweries on Sunday, April 27, between 2:00 – 6:00, in any order you please. Order a pint at each and you’ll get a card. Only one card per location, awarded with your first pint. This isn’t draw poker.

At your final destination, play your hand against the house to see if you’ve won. If you beat the house’s hand, you might win the grand prize pack, which includes top-notch swag from all five breweries. Even losing hands walk away with something. That is, nobody walks away empty handed, so to speak.


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  1. I think it is adequate time to do what is required, assuming you want to do it. Otherwise, why would you try? Maybe they should award some sort of prize to people who opt to hit just one of the five and stay there for all four hours.

  2. I like beer more than the next guy, but breweries getting together to have a contest that requires 5 pints in four hours is just plain dumb on their part. That amount of beer in that amount of time means the average-metabolic rates among us WILL be legally drunk by the time they have their second drink. Was there a lot of beer at the meeting to create Poker & Pints?

  3. We just might do this as a couple and alternate drinking at each stop or just share the pint. It’d be fun and get us out to try new locations. Then we wouldn’t need worry about five beers between the two of us over 4 hours.

  4. Mandy, that’s kind of what I was thinking too. I also see this as being opportunity for a group outing. That’d be kinda fun.

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