The Porterhouse in West Seattle is closed. For sale.

I was shocked and saddened when I drove by the Porterhouse the other day and saw paper-covered windows and a big For Sale sign. We have yet to talk to them about it, so we really don’t know the story, but the sign in the window says pretty much everything we need to know.

The Porterhouse was a welcome addition to West Seattle’s Admiral District. Here at the Washington Beer Blog we reported the opening of the Porterhouse back in July of 2009 (read it). We were excited to learn that a pub with 24 taps dedicated to west coast ales was opening in West Seattle. We are equally sad to see it go away.

Over the past two and one-half years the Porterhouse re-invented itself a couple of times. The changes were subtle, mostly to the food menu. The focus on great beer never changed.

To the best of our understanding, this does not impact the Porterhouse in Mount Vernon.

We live near the Porterhouse so I’m taking this one kind of personally. On that note, we’ll miss our Porterhouse peeps. They were neighbors and friends. I had too many great times at the Porterhouse to mention, but there is one thing that stands out in particular. If you were there, you know what night I’m thinking of.

I’ll miss stopping by the Porterhouse for that one last beer that I really don’t need. I’ll miss those sloppy, dripping hamburgers. So good. I’ll miss driving by and so easily seeing people sitting in the bar drinking and socializing. I’ll miss the people and I will miss each and every one of those 24 taps.

Cheers to all my friends at the Porterhouse. May your futures be bright and may your mugs be full of nothing but big love and cold beer.

I will never forget when John Russell was tending bar and mentioned to me that he was in a band. As if there is a bartender somewhere in Seattle that is not in a band. I thought the name -The Head and The Heart- was really silly. Oops.

We’ll always have this – the epic, legendary night when The Head and the Heart played a very quietly announced gig at the Porterhouse. Fast-forward to the 5:00 mark if you simple must hear Lost in My Mind. Otherwise, just enjoy.  If you want to cry over the closing of the Porterhouse, fast-forward to the 9:40 mark.

Someone please buy the Porterhouse and get the beer flowing again.

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  1. Duh! Helllooo! You guys should buy it… OMG! Plenty o room to brew – just a thought!
    I agree, it’s a sad story. I was there “that” night too. RIP

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