Porterhouse West Seattle – Sneak Peek

We first told you about the impending opening of the West Seattle Porterhouse back in June  (read that post). Silas Reynolds owner/operator of Mt. Vernon’s Porterhouse pub is bringing the show to Seattle’s Admiral neighborhood — a place in dire need of a great beer bar. I stopped by yesterday to have a peek at how things are going.

In West Seattle, things are coming together very nicely. They will be opening soon, though an exact date is not yet available. We certainly will keep you informed. The impending opening is the buzz of the neighborhood, which desperately needs a good beer joint and can always use another good place to eat.

They’re slapping on a last coat of paint and they’ve still got a lot of cleaning to do, but overall the place looks great. While I was there, Silas was busy rigging up some custom light fixtures using galvanized Sessions buckets. It’s a clever idea and worthy of pat on the back from Vern Yip, Genevieve Gorder or one of the other interior designers on HGTV. “The idea just came to me,” Silas tells me. “In time, we’ll switch out the logos or use different buckets. We’ll mix things up a bit.”

The West Seattle Porterhouse will have 25 tap handles, including a beer engine, with a strong emphasis on local beers. The food will be eclectic pub grub with a nod to fresh, local ingredients. I am very familiar with the demographics of this particular neighborhood and it’s hard to imagine the Porterhouse being anything but a big hit with the locals.

Note – the tap handles you’ll see in the video are just place holders. No, they will not have Rainier on tap. Whatever non-craft beer they have, you’ll have to drink from a bottle.

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