Product review – NewAir 15″ Weatherproof Outdoor Fridge


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The story behind NewAir is the kind of story craft beer lovers can appreciate. It’s not at all unlike the story behind many successful craft breweries.

Fifteen years ago Luke Peters started selling portable air conditioners and evaporative coolers out of his garage. From those humble beginnings, NewAir has grown into a supplier of a wide range of compact appliances: the business moved out of Luke’s garage and into a large warehouse and distribution center, offering a variety of products on its website. Most notable for beer lovers, beverage fridges. NewAir has quite the selection and offers free same-day shipping on all of its products.

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NewAir 15″ Weatherproof Outdoor Fridge


One product of particular interest to me is the recently introduced NewAir 15″ Weatherproof Outdoor Fridge. The same fridge is offered in a 24″ model as well. As shown above, it works as a portable fridge or it can be built-in. As a reader of this blog, you’re eligible for a 20 percent discount on this item (see below).

I just got my hands on a NewAir 15″ Weatherproof Outdoor Fridge (model number NOF090SS00). NewAir shipped one to me so that I could write a review here on the blog. That’s the only consideration we received in exchange for this post. It’s a quality product, so I am happy to share some of my immediate thoughts.


First up, this is a serious piece of equipment, not some wimpy dorm-room mini-fridge. It boasts a whopping 90-can capacity. You recognize the quality immediately upon unpacking it. The exterior is food-grade 304 stainless steel, so it can handle the elements and is easy to keep clean. It is rated to maintain refrigeration as low as 32 degrees, even in extreme heat.

In addition to being designed to handle the heat, rain, ice or snow, it has some other features that make it great for the backyard. The fridge sits on casters so you can roll it around the patio or deck easily. You want to keep the space around your fridge clean, especially outdoors. The casters make it easy to move the fridge so you can sweep up any leaves or pine needles and otherwise keep it clear of any unwanted guests like spiders and other little critters. And speaking of little critters, this fridge comes with a locking door to thwart any would-be beer pirates who might hop the fence looking to plunder your treasure chest.

In the coming weeks, this fridge will be put to use in a new, outdoor, real-world environment. Once that happens and we’ve put the fridge to the test, we will have another report, including pictures of the fridge installed in its new home. In the meantime, visit

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