Propolis Brewing’s Grand Opening Announced – Here’s a Preview

A couple weeks ago at Port Townsend’s Strange Brewfest, the word spread quickly: Propolis Brewing’s new taproom was opening at 2:00 for a soft-opening preview. The brewery that made it’s name by creating beers of unique character, often using foraged ingredients, was finally opening a brewery and taproom in Port Townsend where beer fans could sample virtually everything the brewery has to offer.

Like several other people, I crashed the party. I share some pictures below, as well as information about the Grand Opening.

After nearly four years of operating out of, essentially, a large garage, the Grand Opening celebration at Propolis Brewing’s new location has now been scheduled for Friday, February 19th. They’ll also be open the following day for Washington Beer Open House, and on Sunday too. More info below.

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New Brewhouse, Same Creativity

Yes, the taproom is lovely, but that’s not the only reason to be excited. Along with the opening of the taproom comes a new, larger brewing system. Propolis Brewing is leaving the world of nano-brewing and stepping up to a brand new, full-sized commercial system (15-barrel brewhouse, I believe). The new equipment has probably arrived by now.

I am quite a big fan of Propolis’ beers. To be honest, it’s a bit unexpected. Although I appreciate all styles of beer, I tend to favor beers that taste like, you know, beer. That is, I often find the use of unconventional ingredients an unnecessary burden on my palate. However, I think Propolis’ beers are, for lack of a better word, beautiful.

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I admit that I am enchanted by the interesting flavors–sometime assertive and sometime subtle–that Brewmaster Robert Horner creates in his beers. He gets plenty of help from his partner Piper Corbett. After tasting an array of beers at the taproom, someone had to point out to me that most of them are, essentially, creative variations of saison. That’s not a problem for me. As far as I’m concerned, saison is a beer style that lends itself particularly well to whimsy and creativity.

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I could blather on about my beer crush, but what your really need to know is that Propolis Brewing is opening a tasting room at its new brewery in Port Townsend. When I was there, they had eight beers on tap and many, many more available by the bottle.

The new taproom is your typical warehouse-brewery experience, with a noticable “woman’s touch” (thanks, Piper), that makes it warmer and more comfortable than other tasting rooms of the same ilk.

The location is just about a block from The Pourhouse, right next door to the Harborside Inn hotel, which I highly recommend for all your Port Townsend drinking adventures.

Propolis Brewing
2457 Jefferson Street
Port Townsend, WA 98368

Grand Opening
Friday, February 19th
6:00 – 10:00 (ish)
An evening of toasting and dancing.

Local Music, Local Cheese & Captain Caleb PeacockĀ 

They will also be open Saturday and Sunday 2:00-9:00.

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