Prost West Seattle – A First Impression

I live in West Seattle. Not far from the new Prost. Another blog, the infamous West Seattle Blog, made a really big deal about Prost coming to town. I suppose the West Seattle Blog doesn’t really qualify as media hype, but still I was skeptical. Turns out, I was wrong. No hype. Just a great new joint in West Seattle.

They were slammed last week — their opening week. Every time I drove by, the windows were steamed up and at least a few people were waiting around out front. So I decided to relax and wait. Last night I finally gave it a whirl.

Prost West Seattle rocks. It is just that simple. They got a lot of things right about this place and I cannot think of anything they got wrong. I suppose that people looking for yet another West Seattle night spot that welcomes children might disagree, but that isn’t me. I don’t know that Prost does not welcome children, I just don’t understand why you’d bring them here.

When I stepped in, there was no room at the bar. Within moments, there was an opening and I found myself settling into one of the extra-large wooden bar stools, getting friendly with my bartender and feeling altogether comfortable.

Prost provides a great variety of seating options for small to larger groups, assuming you don’t mind beer hall style benches and tables. I don’t. There’s a lot of wood. Warm, dark, inviting and comfortable wood.

You can read all about the beer selection and the rest of the menu on their Web site, so I won’t bother with details about that stuff. What I will say is that this is a much-needed addition to the neighborhood. I talked to several people at the bar. They all agreed. One guy lived three blocks away. Another guy lived two blocks away. He was already a regular — already on a first name basis with the bartenders. They’ve only been open a week.

It’s the kind of place where people talk. The kind of place where you feel like introducing yourself. The kind of place where you get to know your  neighbors. It feels like a pub — a real neihborhood pub. And it’s my neighborhood! YAY! I feel so lucky.

Visit them online at or, better yet, stop by and visit them in the real world at 3407 California Ave. SW. Tell ’em the blog sent you.

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