Protecting your precious cargo: Growler On Board

Yesterday I spent the better part of an hour cleaning up a tragic mess in the Washington Beer Cruiser. You see, I left an unsecured growler on the back seat. Everything was fine until I needed to make a slightly abrupt stop in traffic. What happened next is not at all surprising. Oh the humanity! I am sorry to report that our beloved Skookum Brewing growler met its demise. Beyond that, nobody was hurt. Praise the Lord and pass the Shop Vac.

Amplifying the tragedy, just a few hours earlier I was at 99 Bottles (blog sponsor) and saw something that would have prevented this horrific calamity: the Growler On Board beer transportation device. I even held it in my hands and marveled at the ingenuity. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I buy it? My need for such a thing is undeniable. Heck, it is even produced by a Washington company.

Precious Cargo

The law requires that parents secure their children in child seats to help ensure their safety. Maybe we need a law requiring that beer lovers take similar care with our precious cargo. Okay, we probably don’t need a law but it is something that every responsible beer drinker should think about. An unsecured growler of beer is a dangerous thing to have in your car. It’s called inertia. Look it up.

The Growler On Board is available at a few different retailers around Seattle and across the state. It’s worth checking out. Actually, I’m a little bit embarrassed to admit that the Washington Beer Cruiser currently lacks this crucial bit of beer transportation technology. I intend to remedy the situation soon.

You can find the Growler On Board beer transportation device at Black Raven Brewing, Snoqualmie Falls Brewing, Georgetown Brewing Company, Special Brews, The Beer Shoppe, and 99 Bottles. Contact the retailer for pricing information. Check with the company’s Facebook page for updates about where you can find a Growler On Board beer transportation device.

The producers of the Growler On Board provided no consideration for this post. No, they did not give me one for free. I did not ask. I just think it is a very cool device and wanted to be sure that followers of the Washington Beer Blog know about it. As always, my mission is to keep you informed.


  1. Hah, normally I just belt mine into the backseat. A carseat for growlers you say? Clearly I will be a wonderful parent.

  2. A nice idea, but I have too many growlers that wouldn’t fit this thing (the 2-liter growlers w/ the big metal handle – and the ‘fat’ growlers like those from Stone Brewing).

  3. Beer Monger,

    It does fit the 2-liter swing top growlers, but unfortunately doesn’t fit the tulip style ones like Stone & Russian River have.

  4. Very cool idea. I would recommend using an old milk crate if you don’t want to buy one of these. Plus you can fit 5 growlers without any movement instead of 3…

  5. 5 growlers AB!! My wife gives me a hard enough time for bringing home two or three. I recently purchased a GOB at Black Raven and it works like a charm. Hard to believe something like this hasn’t been out before, makes way to much sense. Great investment in my opinion.

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