Pumpkin Junction starts tomorrow. We have the details

So you missed last weekend’s Great Pumpkin Beer Festival, eh? Or maybe you didn’t get enough pumpkin-fueled fun? Either way, The Beer Junction has you covered. Pumpkin Junction gets started tomorrow.

Below we share some information straight from the source. This includes the impressive beverage linup as well as information about this year’s Pumpkin Junction T-shirts (always a big hit).

Here is more information straight from the source:

Tomorrow (Saturday October 11th at 11AM) we kick off our largest and favorite event of the year— it’s the 3rd Annual Pumpkin Junction! It is going to be our biggest, baddest, pumpkiniest (we even had to create our own word to describe the mayhem) year we have ever had. It promises to be 9 days of 25+ rotating handles of pumpkin beers, ciders, and meads, plus lots of fun events occurring throughout the fest.

pumpkin_junc_T From Saturday October 11th to Sunday October 19th, we’ll be devoting 25+ taps to some of the best and most unique pumpkin beers and ciders around. With over 60 pumpkin beers & ciders ready to be tapped, there’s something for everyone.

If you aren’t a pumpkin fan we’ll have plenty of other taps going all week, including lots of fresh hop beers!


Randall combos:

Check our Facebook & Twitter posts for daily randall combos.

Elliott Bay Pumpkin pumpkin_junction_2014TJunction 2014 Beer:

Be sure to try our custom beer blend we did with our friends Doug Hindman and Dan Ashley at Elliott Bay Brewing. It’s comprised of 40% Organic Mashing Pumpkin 2014 (9.0% ABV), 20% Bourbon Aged Portside Barleywine 2012 (9.5% ABV), 20% Fauntleroy Imperial Stout 2012 (9.3% ABV), and 20% Vietnamese Coffee Stout 2014 (6.0% ABV). It has notes of pumpkin spice, smooth coffee, dark chocolate, bourbon, and dried fruit. This blend will only be made once so don’t miss out! Blended ABV – 8.6%.

New shirt design!
Once again we designed a shirt for the big event. Available in sizes Small through 3XL for $17.99. We also have shirts available from our past Pumpkin Junctions, in 2012 and 2013. Get the shirts from all three years for just $40.

Pumpkin Junction Glassware
Available to take home in 10oz goblets for $5.99.

Pumpkin beer on cask!
We will be showcasing the Cask Pumpkin Ale from Seattle’s Machine House Brewing. These guys are known for their excellent cask conditioned beers and this one is no exception.

Pumpkin Mead!
Seattle’s BeeHaven Meadery’s Pumpkin Spice was a huge hit last year and we have brought it back again. If you dawdled last year and missed it… now is your chance to taste what others were raging on about throughout Pumpkin Junction 2013!

Pumpkin Beer Shakes!

We’ll be bringing back the very popular Pumpkin Beer Milkshakes featuring West Seattle’s Husky Deli Ice Cream. Try one of our pre-tested employee recipes or design your own master creation. Ice cream flavors available will be pumpkin, vanilla, chocolate and, newly available this year – rum truffle!

Sampler trays available!
Don’t know what to order? Custom build your own pumpkin beverage sampler tray to try several side by side!

Vote, Vote, Vote!
With each pumpkin beverage order you get to cast a vote for your favorite. We’ll announce the top three on the last day of Pumpkin Junction (Sunday October 19th).

Halloween movies!
All week long we’ll be showing the classics including Dawn of the Dead, Halloween, and Friday the 13th!

Pumpkin Junction Event Calendar (Oct 11th- 19th)

*Saturday October 11th – Pumpkin Junction 2014 begins at 11AM

1. 10 Barrel – Pumpkin Pucker Barrel Aged Sour Pumpkin
2. Almanac – Pumpkin Sour
3. Anderson Valley – Pinchy Jeek Bourbon Aged Pumpkin
4. BeeHaven – Pumpkin Spice Mead
5. Beer Valley – Jackalope Pumpkin Porter
6. Charging Hippo – You Down With I.P.P.? (Imperial Pumpkin Porter)
7. Elliott Bay – Pumpkin Junction 2014 (custom blend for Pumpkin Junction!)
8. Elysian – Hansel and Gretel Ginger Pumpkin Pilsner
9. Elysian – Punkuccino Coffee Pumpkin Ale
10. Elysian / Lost Abbey – Sardonic Dark Wit
11. Elysian – The Great Pumpkin 2014
12. Hi Fi – Pump Up The Volume
13. Justice – Pumpkin Pie Sour
14. Kasteel – Ingelmunster
15. Machine House – Pumpkin (on cask)
16. McAuslan – St Ambroise Citrouille
17. New Belgium – Pumkick
18. Peddler – Belgian-style Pumpkin Spice
19. pFriem – Pumpkin
20. Redhook – Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter
21. Schilling – Spiced Cider
22. Seattle Cider – Pumpkin Spice Cider
23. Southern Tier – Warlock Pumpkin Imperial Stout
24. The Bruery – Autumn Maple
25. Timmermans – Pumpkin Lambicus

On Deck Headliners (tapped each day at 5PM)

*Monday October 13th: Schooner Exact Whiskey Dick Whiskey Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale
*Tuesday October 14th: Avery Pump[KY]n Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Bottles also go on sale at 5PM (limit 4 bottles per person).
*Wednesday October 15th: The Bruery Ignis Fatuus Imperial Pumpkin Porter
*Thursday October 16: Southern Tier Pumking- both 2013 and 2014 vintages on tap side by side.

*Friday October 17th: Reuben’s Brews Imperial Pumpkin Ale
*Saturday October 18th: Almanac Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine
*Sunday October 19th: Avery Rumkin Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale. Bottles also go on sale at 5PM (limit 3 bottles per person).

Pumpkin Beers & Ciders On Deck
(to go on throughout the week as spots open up)

  • 10 Barrel – Big Ol’ Pumpkin
  • 21 Amendment  / Elysian – He Said Pumpkin Baltic Porter
  • 21 Amendment  / Elysian – He Said Pumpkin Belgian-style Tripel
  • Ace – Pumpkin Cider
  • Alaskan – Pumpkin Porter
  • Bainbridge Island – Sol Patch
  • Doc’s – Pumpkin Cider
  • Dogfish Head – Punkin
  • Elysian – Dark O The Moon 2013
  • Elysian – Dark O The Moon 2014
  • Elysian – Gourdgia On My Mind
  • Elysian – Mr. Yuck Pumpkin Sour
  • Elysian – Night Owl
  • Elysian – The Gourdfather
  • Epic – Imperial Pumpkin Porter
  • Fort George – Squash Buckler
  • Gigantic – Pumpkin Dinner Not Dessert
  • Grounderbreaker (formerly Harvester) – Squash Gluten Free Ale
  • Laurelwood – Stingy Jack
  • Midnight Sun – T.R.E.A.T.
  • Oakshire – Big Black Jack
  • Pike – Harlot’s Harvest
  • Sam Adams – Fat Jack Imperial Pumpkin
  • Shipyard – Pumpkinhead
  • Two Beers – Pumpkin Spice
  • Uinta – Jacked Imperial Pumpkin
  • Wander – PumpFest


*Sunday October 12th – Seahawks Game

Seahawks game on with sound starting around 1:25PM!

*Monday October 13th through Wednesday October 15th- Pumpkin Growler Special

Growlers of all pumpkin beers and ciders are $3 off all day Monday the 13th to Wednesday the 15th.

*Thursday October 16th (5-8PM) – Pumpkin Tasting Event

We always have a tasting event on Thursday nights and this week is no different. Join us from 5-8PM as wild man Devon “RANDALLLLL!”  Simonsen pours some of our favorite pumpkin beers including an exciting randall combo. Sample five pumpkin beers for just $4 from 5-8PM.


*Saturday October 18th – Bring your costumes and evening raffle

(All Day) Wear your Halloween costume to receive $1 off pumpkin beers/ciders/ sampler trays or $2 off pumpkin growlers!

(5PM) College Football: Washington vs. Oregon game on with sound.

(7-8PM) Pumpkin Junction Raffle! On the 2nd to the last day (Saturday October 18th) from 7-8PM we’ll be raffling off great prizes including Pumpkin Junction shirts, glasses, and Beer Junction gift cards!

*Sunday October 19th- Winners announced!
You’ve voted all week—now find out who the winners are! Results will be announced for the top three vote getters at 6PM.

Bottle List of Pumpkin Beers & Ciders

We also have a huge selection of 40+ pumpkin beers and ciders in bottles ready to take home. Below is the full list. Purchase a full case of the same item (if available) and receive 10% off!

  • 10 Barrel – Big Ol’ Pumpkin
  • 21st Amendment / Elysian – He Said Pumpkin Baltic Porter
  • 21st Amendment / Elysian – He Said Pumpkin Belgian-style Tripel
  • Ace – Pumpkin Cider
  • Alaskan  – Smoked Pumpkin Porter
  • Almanac  – Dark Pumpkin Sour
  • Almanac  – Heirloom Pumpkin Barleywine
  • Anderson Valley – Fall Hornin Pumpkin Ale
  • Anderson Valley – Pinchy Jeek Bourbon Aged Pumpkin
  • Avery – Pump[KY]n (bottle release party along with keg tapping @ 5PM on Tuesday 10/14) Limit 4 bottles per person.
  • Avery – Rumpkin (bottle release party along with keg tapping @ 5PM on Sunday 10/19) Limit 3 bottles per person.
  • Blue Moon – Harvest Pumpkin
  • Buffalo Bills – Original Pumpkin Ale
  • Central City – Red Betty Pumpkin Ale
  • Doc’s – Pumpkin Cider
  • Dogfish Head – Punkin
  • Elysian – Dark O’ The Moon Pumpkin Stout
  • Elysian – Night Owl
  • Elysian – The Great Pumpkin
  • Epic – Brewing Imperial Pumpkin Porter
  • Joseph James – Rum Barrel Aged Pumpkin
  • Laurelwood – Stingy Jack
  • Midnight Sun – T.R.E.A.T. Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter
  • Oakshire – Big Black Jack Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter
  • Peddler – Pumpkin Spice Ale
  • Pike – Harlot’s Harvest Belgian-style Dark Pumpkin Ale
  • Redhook – Out of Your Gourd Pumpkin Porter
  • Rogue – Pumpkin Patch
  • Samuel Adams – Fat Jack Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • Samuel Adams – Harvest Pumpkin
  • Schilling – Spiced Cider
  • Seattle Cider – Pumpkin Spice
  • Shipyard – Pumpkinhead
  • Shipyard – Smashed Pumpkin Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • Shock Top – Pumpkin Wheat
  • Southern Tier – Pumking
  • Southern Tier – Warlock
  • The Bruery – Autumn Maple
  • Timmerman’s – Pumpkin Lambicus
  • Two Beers Brewing – Pumpkin Spice
  • Uinta – Jacked Oak Aged Imperial Pumpkin Ale
  • Uinta – Punk’N
  • Woodchuck – Pumpkin Cider