Pura Vida Indy Beer Cup, in Costa Rica – entries wanted


Wait. What? Seriously? Say that again. Say it slowly to make sure I understand.

Asociacion de Cerveceros Artesanales de Costa Rica. In other words, Costa Rica has a craft brewers association! Those sweet words might actually hold the power to bring my Jimmy Buffet daydreams to life. Craft beer is a thing in Costa Rica! Who knew? This significantly increases the odds of my expatriation.

Attention independent breweries: Costa Rica wants your beer and is currently accepting entries for the Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup (Pura Vida Indy Cup).

The Association of Craft Brewers of Costa Rica (ACACR) is accepting entries from independent commercial breweries from around the world for the 2nd Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup, presented by Mastercard, to be held in San José, Costa Rica, from January 14 to 19, 2019.

According to organizers, the Pura Vida Indie Cup is the first international craft beer competition that is limited exclusively to independent breweries. Thirty-eight judges will evaluate more than 600 entries. In addition to providing feedback to the breweries, the event organizers hope that the competition and the associated beer fest will help bring worldwide awareness to Costa Rica’s craft beer movement.

“I’ve been to many beer [events] in the United States and around the world and this is one of the best organized and executed I’ve seen. Very impressed and honored to be involved,” says Peter Lengyel, co-owner and head of production and quality control at Kings County Brewers Collective, a brewery located in Brooklyn, New York.

The first edition of this event, held in December 2017, saw more than 400 entries from breweries in the United States, Mexico, Belgium, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, and beyond. Among the winners, breweries like Allagash Brewing, 4 Hands Brewing, and Chimay. Also, Costa Rican breweries like TreintayCinco, Calle Cimarrona, and Os Beer Company.

Pardon the rough translation of the following.

“The Central American craft beer movement has had an important development in recent years,” says Ignacio Castro, president of the ACACR, and director of the Cup. “With this Cup, we want to foster the bonds of brotherhood between the world community of independent brewers and measure Central American beer along with the best breweries in the world and judged by the most competent judges to raise the bar of independent beer quality.”

The Indie Pura Vida Cup is held in conjunction with Costa Rica’s Independent Beer Week (January 13 thru 20), which culminates with Indie Fest 2019, the seventh edition of the country’s most important craft beer festival. Beer Week events include a series of talks, seminars and meetings with the international judges that will evaluate beers for the competition. The Indie Fest 2019, presented by Mastercard, is a two-day festival featuring beers from independent craft breweries.

Breweries interested in participating in the Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup should visit for more information. The deadline to register is December 15, 2018.