Rally to Support Our Breweries. Friday, April 19

UPDATE Monday, April 15 – from the event organizers: “Our permit is approved. We are scheduled to rally on the North steps of the Capitol building at noon to about 2pm. Bring signs, mash paddles, bullhorns, a good attitude and dress for the weather. Please arrange carpools as parking at the capitol campus requires payment. We plan to leave the steps exactly as we found them so please be respectful and do not litter.

“If you choose to enter the Capitol: No bullhorns or noisemakers. No signs on sticks or posts. No more than 25 people. We are trying to get some of our reps to come outside and speak with us and we will update this as more info comes about.  Thank you all for stepping up and speaking out for your local brewers!”

Original post:

Join us, and many others like us, to show your support for the Washington brewing industry. The Defend Washington Beer rally takes place at the State Capitol in Olympia on Friday, April 19th at noon.

The proposed tax increase threatens to seriously cripple our craft breweries. We have posted many stories about the tax plan here on the blog (see them all), but now it is time for action. Make signs, form carpools, do what you need to do, but come to Olympia on Friday and show your support for the brewing industry.

Breweries create jobs. Breweries already shoulder an enormous tax burden. Support small business. Don’t tax these job creation machines. New Tax, No Jobs. Taxation = Extinction. Keep the playing field level. I’m just throwing out ideas to help you make signs.

Keep an eye on the event’s Facebook page to stay informed about the rally. I will update this post as more information becomes available.

From the event organizers:

“Beer lovers, Hop Heads, Pro and Home Brewers, Bar owners, UNITE!

“This is a call to action. We have contacted our representatives and the Governor regarding the proposed beer tax and all we seem to get in return are auto response e-mails.

“It is time to GIVE BACK a little of your time to your favorite Washington brewers.

“Emails and phone calls don’t give the same message as an actual gathering. We need to show solidarity and let our state leaders know that we support our local brewers!”


  1. uh, how about Saturday?? Why are rallies always on work days?

    Like the logo, minus the green WA state shape. Looks too much like that bumper sticker all the hippies have.

  2. It is not on Saturdays because the people who vote on bills are not in their offices on Saturdays.

  3. Just a heads-up that the Seattle Times has had a few good pieces on the subject as of late by Danny Westneat.

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