ravenna brewing and Big Time brewery collaborate on a new ipa.

Ravenna Brewing and Big Time Brewery releasing The Perfect Distance IPA


Two more Seattle-area breweries stepped up to create a beer for the You Are Not Alone project. The Perfect Distance, a West Coast IPA, is a collaboration beer brewed by Ravenna Brewing and Big Time Brewery & Alehouse. It is available from Ravenna Brewing right now in 16-oz cans. Order online at http://www.ravennabrewing.com/.

You Are Not Alone is a project brought to life by the folks at Reuben’s Brews, challenging other breweries to create a beer to benefit hospitality industry workers impacted by the pandemic shutdowns. Some of the other breweries stepping up and pledging to brew a version of You Are Not Alone IPA: 5 Rights Brewing, Postdoc Brewing, Hale’s Ale Brewery, The Good Society Brewery, Bale Breaker Brewing, Bickerson’s Brewhouse, and others.

Ravenna Brewing and Big Time Brewery will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of The Perfect Distance to The Big Table and The Plate Fund.

Here’s the announcement from Ravenna Brewing’s Facebook page:

The Perfect Distance—West Coast IPA 7%— a carefully executed collaboration with our great friends Big Time Brewery & Alehouse to celebrate our unity in a time of separation. This IPA showcases cryo Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin hops, with tangerine blossoms and blueberries on the nose, and grapes and white wine for your taste buds. 4-pack $17, two 4-packs per person. Preorder online starting at 8pm Thursday

You Are Not Alone— Hazy IPA 7.5%—Spearheaded and organized by our buddies @reubensbrews , profits from this release will be donated to @bigtable_sea and @theplatefund to help out of work and struggling workers from the restaurant and beverage industries. Breweries all over are brewing their own “You Are Not Alone” beers and donating to hospitality workers. Huge nod to Reubens for making this happen. Our version is a juicy, delicate hazy dry-hopped with Galaxy and Ella hops. Melon and papaya flavors dominate, with aroma bursting from the can. 4-pack $17, two 4-packs per person. Preorder online starting at 8pm Thursday.


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