Ravenna Brewing announces expansion plans and a hog roast this Saturday


Revenna Brewing Company in Seattle is expanding. The uber-popular neighborhood brewery is taking over the space next door to increase the size of the brewery, the beer garden, the barrel program, and all. The plan includes the installation of a new, larger brewing system to meet the ever-increasing demand for beer.

“We’ve officially procured the space next to us, so Carl’s Automotive is now becoming Ravenna Brewing Company,” says Tommy Ortega, owner and brewmaster at Ravenna Brewing. “This will allow us to drastically expand our beer garden – something that we need to do so, so, so much. This expansion will also help us with production, which we also badly need to do.”

To celebrate the news, Ravenna Brewing is hosting an End of Summer Beer Garden Hog Roast this Saturday, September 23. Okay, it’s not really an event to celebrate the expansion as much as it’s a party to commemorate the end of summer. For the event, Ravenna Brewing is partnering with Crucible Brewing, which recently announced expansion plans of its own (read it). For more information about Saturday’s party, check out the Facebook event page.

Ravenna Brewing sells darn-near all of its beer at its own taproom. Not a bad business model, but Tommy looks forward to being able to also do some distribution. Each week the brewery’s taproom can go through as much as 15 to 19 barrels of beer (30 to 48 kegs). Some of that is cider, but mostly it’s beer.

“We are a strictly taproom sales brewery, for the most park,” Tommy explains. “Once in a while we let a keg leave the taproom, but for the most part we’re churning through everything in house. With the expansion, we’ll finally be able to do some distribution, maybe more events and festivals, and throw more parties! Our capacity will almost triple and our barrel room will have twice the amount of barrels for our wild fermentation and barrel aging [program]. We will dedicated 50% more to our Barrel projects as we will have a dedicated cellar for them.”

As far as the brewhouse is concerned, Ravenna will double its brewing capacity, moving from the current 3-barrel system to a new 7-barrel brewhouse from Bridgetown Brew Systems in Oregon. They are also adding four 15-barrel tanks for fermenting the beer.

“The beer garden is going to be killer!” says Tommy. “The new brewery space will serve as taproom overflow, private event rentals, and barrel cellar. The current taproom will stay as is for the time being.”

Ravenna Brewing
5408 26th Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98105

The taproom is open Tuesday through Sunday. Check the website for hours, food truck schedule, and more information.


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