The real, complete, official list of WA breweries

And the official counting of the number shall be 122

This has been bugging me for a long time. Why is it so hard to find a comprehensive, complete list of Washington’s breweries in some sort of useful format? For quite some time now, I have believed our map/list to be the most complete, the most accurate, and the most useful; nevertheless, it was not perfect. Now, it is perfect. I say that with the utmost confidence. I think.

Exactly what does “perfect” mean? At some point we have to decide on a benchmark to establish what is considered a brewery. (Brewpubs are licensed as breweries, of course.) I made my additions/deletions based on the official list of licensed breweries as provided by the Washington State Liquor Control Board. I suppose that’s as good a source as we’ll find.

Anyway, I have just completed updating our Washington Breweries and Brewpubs page. I have now accounted for them all. Yesterday I mentioned that our current count was at 114. I was wrong. It turns out that we have 122 officially licensed breweries in Washington. Who knew?

Details, details, detail

Depending on how closely you follow the local beer scene, you may find some interesting factoids if you examine the list. Yes, apparently they do still make beer at Six Arms. They’ve got a license, anyway. In addition to the “new” Dick’s brewery on Galvin Road, Northwest Sausage & Deli (the old Dick’s brewery) still holds a license. The RAM, known for their restaurants and brewpubs, has what we presume to be a production facility in South Tacoma. Like I said, depending on how much you know about the local beer scene, and how much you actually care about such details, the complete list is interesting.

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